I was contracted by Stimulant to create the text necessary to explain 5G technology as part of an interactive exhibit at the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, CA.

The exhibit was to be in the form of a marble run, a metaphor to demonstrate 5G compared to 4G technology—5G is faster, smarter, and more efficient. The text content had to relate 5G to Intel’s five areas of focus: Virtual reality, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence, the IoT, and the cloud.

As visitors approach, they are enticed to press the button to start the exhibit by a question on the idle screen: “What if everything you could imagine… was possible?”

By pressing the button, they launch a set of marbles down the two tracks representing 5G and 4G; a single ball runs down the slower 4G track while several balls (multiple packets of data) run down a smother, faster 5G track. As the marbles race along, the chapters of the story appear on the digital display so that visitors can follow along with the evolution of 5G and how it will affect technologies and services we interact with every day, and enable many of the technologies of tomorrow.

My task was to distill the entire history of mobile technology into 12 ~25-word snippets of information that would be understandable, informative, and engaging for K–12 schoolchildren and adults.

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Creative Director: Andrea Nelson
Copywriter: Jenn Virškus
Interaction Designer: Alicia Chastain
Visual Designer: Jules Konig
Agency: Stimulant
Created: 2018

A special thanks to Andrea Nelson for sharing the fantastic pictures and video she took of the final exhibit at the Intel Museum in Santa Clara, CA.