SEO for writers

Why Every Writer Should Have a Basic Understanding of SEO

To many writers, search engine optimization is something their editors will take care of. To some, SEO is the enemy of good writing—a practice that demands keywords be stuffed into your carefully crafted sentences and paragraphs. Both are wrong.

Search engine optimization is the practice of presenting your online work in a way that shows search engines like Google and Yahoo that it is valuable to readers, thereby positioning it high in search results. It is a practice that applies to every website on the Internet, from huge media outlets to your personal website.

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Virtual Reality & Fine Art for Professional Artist Magazine

I was driving up to our family cottage on Lake Charlevoix with my brother Joe last Memorial Day weekend when I said to him, "So tell me, what exactly is it that you do?"

Joe has been a sought-after computer programmer for more than two decades (though he's still in his 30s). He'd spent several years in the video game world before landing on an "elite team" at Facebook that had something to do with artificial intelligence and virtual reality. I knew he lugged around this thing called an Oculus Rift, but beyond that, I really had no idea what my brother did for a living. His response, "I program Medium. It's like Adobe Photoshop for virtual reality. In five years, I think all 3D sculpture will be made with this program."

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jennifer virskus zmones

Chasing My Olympic Dream

Žmonės is the People magazine of Lithuania (the name even means "people.") I don't know how they found out that I was going to South Korea to support my Kalnų Ereliai skier Ieva Januškevičiūtė in her second Olympics (I really should have asked) but a few weeks ago I got a request in my inbox for an interview. Of course, I agreed (who doesn't want to be in People magazine?) And just a couple of days before I took off for Seoul, the issue came out on the newsstands. 

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tribute to warren miller

Thank You for the Memories: A Tribute to Warren Miller

Warren Miller didn’t teach me to love skiing; my parents did that when they put me on skis at an age before I can remember. But my parents also taught me to love Warren Miller. And what Warren Miller taught me, sitting in the cafeteria at Boyne Mountain cold and wet and happy, with a hot chocolate in my small hands, neck craned, eyes glued to the big screen, was how far my skis could take me.

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Mark Landkamer Art

SEO Projects: Working with Artist Mark Landkamer

My goal for my article Step-by-Step SEO for Artists in the August/September 2017 issue of Professional Artist magazine was to present a handful of tips that artist could easily implement themselves that would help be found in a Google search. Just a few days after the article came out, I got an email from artist Mark Landkamer letting me know how impressed he was with my article.

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step by step SEO for artists professional artist

Step-by-Step SEO for Artists in Professional Artist Magazine

The vast majority of my writing is published exclusively online, so when Professional Artist magazine asked me to write an article about the business of art, I jumped at the chance. At the time, I was right in the middle of designing a new Squarespace website for my aunt, figurative and landscape artist Danute Mahady. As we went through the process together, I realized there are a few things specific to how an artist would optimize their website. So I pitched Professional Artist an article on search engine optimization best practices especially for artists.

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Sweet Root lietingas darzas_116 1000

A Very Sweet Root

How a Sunday photography club spawned a friendship with photographer Šarūnė Kajietė that led to a book editing opportunity that blossomed to an article in Lithuanian Heritage about a farm-to-table restaurant in Užupis.

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valgomasis jura radsevic agne alenovic

The Best New Dining Room in Vilnius

My friends Agnė Alenovič and Jura Radzevič opened Valgomasis, a tiny lunch spot around the corner from the flower market in Vilnius, in December 2015. I had the pleasure of visiting for the first time last September while on a heritage trip with my entire family.

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angel wing cookies Žagarėliai

Making Angel Wings with Teta

So many of our memories are rooted not in sights and experiences, but in smells and tastes—especially around the holidays. When I think of my Grandma Klara, I immediately think of koldūnai stuffed with blueberries, the combined joy and dread of eating greasy potato pancakes on a hot Florida day, and the smell of day-old kugelis frying in butter. The only thing my grandmother was more enthusiastic about than cooking was getting us to eat.

But when I think of Teta Marija, my grandmother’s older sister, there’s only one food that comes to mind: angel wings. While she made them year round, a special treat whenever we came to visit, they were available in abundance around the holidays.

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