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SEO Projects: Working with Artist Mark Landkamer

I didn’t expect my article on SEO for Artists in Professional Artist magazine to lead to new work, but I was happily surprised when it did.

My goal for my article Step-by-Step SEO for Artists in the August/September 2017 issue of Professional Artist magazine was to present a handful of tips that artist could easily implement themselves that would help be found in a Google search. Just a few days after the article came out, I got an email from artist Mark Landkamer letting me know how impressed he was with my article.

“Your recent article on SEO in Professional Artist Magazine is a godsend. I am just finishing my new site and was about to attack all the SEO issues in the text. Many thanks,” he wrote in his first email to me. A couple of emails later and I began working with him to come up with an SEO plan for his new website Landkamerart.com.

With a lot of website projects, SEO is something that happens after the site is already designed and published. But by creating an SEO plan before the new pages were online, we were able to optimize every aspect of the site, from the URLs to the image titles, without having to do redirect a single page.

The site is now online and looks fantastic. Mark’s work is gorgeous and it was a huge privilege to work with him. Definitely check out his website. You may even be inspired to order a print!